Our softrock tools and mining equipment comprise of tooling systems for virtually all minerals, asphalt and concrete. In addition to being used in the mining, tunneling and construction industry, they are also used for the wear protection of cutting heads. Boring and tunneling equipment and crushing equipment by Boart Longyear is made to last and important in the drilling industry.



Areas such as crushing and recycling of wood, compost and soil preparation in agriculture and forestry are gaining in importance. Boart Longyear also off a large drill bit range along with road planing and round shank picks.


All tools are equipped with wear- and shock-resistant tungsten carbide inserts. Continuous improvement and development of grades specifically for applications in mining and construction industries is an ongoing process. Selection of tungsten carbide grades and tools is carried out in accordance with customer's demand.



For special applications polycristalline diamond cutting inserts or alternatively wear protection coatings are used.



Base material selection and heat-treatment is carried out according to state of the art techniques. The brazing joints between tungsten carbide inserts and bodies are chosen according to each specific field of application.


The design of our tools is customer oriented taking into account the long-term experience of our technical and service personnel.

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